The Beauty of the Subconscious Revealed

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If you’ve experienced kinesiology before, you may agree that there’s a magical quality to this modality. I say “experienced kinesiology” because in a way, it is highly experiential. You try to explain to someone how it works, but it’s not easy. Despite this, people trust it because they FEEL different and get results. For newcomers to the wonderful world of kinesiology, I’d like to talk a little about the beauty of the subconscious revealed.

What sets kinesiology apart from other modalities is the use of muscle-testing. This allows the practitioner to speak directly to the body, by-passing the conscious mind. What we think we want and what our subconscious mind believes are often two different things. This disparity can be shown to you clearly, using a simple muscle test. For example, you may wish to overcome a longstanding problem and have tried everything with limited success. Saying the statement “I want to keep this problem” and muscle-testing you, may reveal that in fact your subconscious wants to keep this problem. I’ll never forget the first time a practitioner showed this to me. I was shocked!

The need to keep a problem will usually be linked with your survival system. Although consciously you are longing for freedom, your subconscious is saying “no it’s not safe!” Having identified this, a kinesiologist can then get feedback from your body to find out what is needed to bring you out of survival mode. Coming out of survival mode means you can operate freely from a place of choice. It is empowering.
Your body remembers everything. Muscle testing taps into your body’s innate wisdom where a wealth of information is stored. It can reveal blocks and stressors on mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. It can also ascertain what is needed to balance the body’s energies so that all parts of you work in harmony. Often when we hear a message from the subconscious, there is a moment of recognition. We could not quite get there ourselves, yet it makes complete sense as though confirming something we already knew. Our body responds.

Often the information that comes from the body is so specific, it can only be medicine made for you, by you. This is where so many other models of health fall short in my opinion. Two people can experience the exact same symptoms, yet the remedies and root causes can be worlds apart.

When you think about it, we all come into this world with a unique set of traits and circumstances. Our genetic code, inherited beliefs and attitudes passed down through generations, conditioning by society, schools, culture, religion, our body types, diet, inherent strengths and weaknesses, learning styles, sexual orientation, education and opportunities, geographic location, traumas, dreams and past lives if you so believe. The way we perceive ourselves and the world are shaped by all these factors and I know no other modality that has the ability to acknowledge all of these variables in relation to what you seek.


Whilst we are unique in so many ways, deep down we all desire similar things. It is surprising to find out that we harbour fears around actually having the love, peace, connection, fulfilment etc we seek in our lives. Too often we accept our limitations without question. It is well worth exploring if there is something in the subconscious blocking your ability to move forward into new ways of being.
Shining a light onto the subconscious and freeing suppressed energies frees our vital life force so we can live in harmony with our truth. We no longer have to live a life driven by our limited beliefs and fears. Kinesiology can help you return to the natural flow of life, minus the struggle. If you haven’t already, I hope that you’ll feel inspired to take a peek behind the scenes of you, with a visit to a kinesiologist.

This article first appeared in Living Now Magazine, March 2017