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NSW Kinesiology Community

Kinesiologists in NSW are currently allowed to work face to face.

All businesses in NSW can find out what they need to know at Service NSW:


Listed businesses not allowed to open:

COVID Safe Plan:

Register as a COVID Safe Business:

QR Code: You will be emailed once you have the plan and registration. Link to the QR code recovery:

The grant for businesses over $75K turnover is open. The link to Grants, loans and financial assistance for business:

To support practitioners in face to face consultations see templates below to facilitate a COVID safe plan for your business. The intention of the documents is for you to use them as a guide and to modify them according to your business needs i.e as a sole trader working in clinic. All documents below are are referenced from Damn Good Advice on Creating a COVID-19-Safe Workplace: A guide for NFP boards and managers.


PDF Download

This PDF has been developed by combining a number of credible sources to provide some guidance for clinicians, clinic and college owners and teachers.

Click the image to download the PDF for your information.


Download and Print

Inform visitors to your workplace about the symptoms of COVID-19.

Click on the image to download, print and display this notice on the door of your clinic or workplace to clearly advise when it is inappropriate to enter.


Download and Print

Click on the image to download, print and display this notice in your workplace bathroom to promote thorough hand washing procedures.


Online Kinesiology Balance  

 Surrogate Kinesiology Balance   

Online Kinesiology Balances protocol for surrogating purposes has been relaxed in this instance to allow self-testing.

It is important that you practice within your scope and  exercise discretion.  

We thank you for your patience.  In the event this page has not addressed your questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via  May you remain healthy, safe and centred during the ever changing circumstances related to COVID-19.

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