• This online membership application is  open to new members only.   If you are already a current AKA Student/Practitioner member  and want to upgrade please contact the AKA Office directly via email or call 03 9898 7406.

  • Associate Membership- For people interested in Kinesiology.  Open to the general public (click on the "Register Now" button at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts)
  • Click here to view MP4 of Membership Benefits with the AKA

  • Practitioner Member Application Fee - This is a non refundable application fee payable to the Practitioner Registration Board (PRB) for those wanting to apply for practitioner registration.
  • Application fee for Registered Kinesiology Intermediate Practitioner (Level 4)  $36.00 (incl GST)
  • Application fee for Registered Kinesiology Professional Practitioner (Level 5) $59.95 (incl GST)
  • Application fee for Registered Kinesiology Specialist Practitioner (Level 6) $83.95 (incl GST)
****International PRB applications (where your kinesiology qualifications were carried out overseas).  All international applications are reviewed on a case by case basis via the workshop study model and incur an additional administration fee ** International fee $110.00 AUD plus your selected practitioner application level fee (example $110.00 + Level 5 $59.95 = $169.95).

  • AKA Membership application is a two step process.

Step 1: Complete online registration 

Before commencing your online registration please read below information about documents and qualifications.  

To initiate your online application click on the "Register Now" button at the bottom of the page to complete an online registration form.   Once your information has been submitted please allow up to 5 business days for the AKA office to contact you.

Step 2: Submission of relevant documentation to AKA Practitioner Registration Board (PRB) 

Please note the PRB  will only accept Kinesiology qualifications that have been approved by the AKA Course Accreditation Board (CAB).  Please click here to view AKA Accredited Courses List showing all AKA accredited Registered Training Organizations and AKA accredited Individual Courses.  

Upon completion of your online application, please submit the following documents to the AKA office:

- A copy of your Kinesiology qualifications either; Diploma in Kinesiology certificate (HLT52415) and  statement of attainment  if you have studied via a Registered Training Organization; or if studying via the Workshop Study Pathway,  provide individual proficiency assessed certificates for each individual Kinesiology course.  

- A copy of your completed Supervised (50 hours) and Mentored Record clinic (150 hours) forms (click here for forms).  Note Level 4 minimum requirement is 50 hours of clinic (20 hours of supervised clinic + 30 hours mentored clinic).

- A copy of your certificates for the non-kinesiology components of your application.  Please note for the non-kinesiology component of your application the AKA accepts AKA accredited non-kinesiology courses listed in the AKA Accredited Courses List and or only government accredited courses.

- A copy of your current first aid certificate

- A copy of your certificate of currency (Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance)

All documents may be scanned and emailed to 

Once these documents have been received by the AKA your membership submission can be further processed by the PRB. 

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