About Us

The vision of the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc. is to provide a platform of high standards of kinesiology that practitioners, the public and the government can rely upon. As an industry association we strive to lead in educating and gaining community acceptance of kinesiology as an outstanding health modality for all Australians.

AKA Vision Statement

What we do

The Australian Kinesiology Association was founded as a national organisation in 1986 as the original body within the kinesiology industry. A single-modality, not-for-profit association, the AKA represents the professional interests of kinesiology practitioners and instructors, as well as the personal interests of students and the public. Setting and maintaining industry standards in Australia, the AKA is tailored specifically to the needs of kinesiologists.

All revenue generated is used to grow the organisation and further support its members. The AKA maintains a virtual office space, employs two part time staff members in Melbourne and an editor for the quarterly ‘In Touch’ magazine – an invaluable resource for kinesiology practitioners.

Setting industry standards

Neuro-vascular kinesiology technique

The AKA sets the benchmark for practitioner standards. We are acknowledged by government bodies in setting industry standards and qualifications. This not only protects you as a kinesiologist, knowing that you have studied with AKA accredited registered training organisations (RTOs), and/or course authors, but it also builds confidence with the public accessing your services, knowing that you are registered with an industry body who matches practitioner standards, qualifications and requirements with national training standards. A formally constituted organisation, the AKA provides rules, regulations and guidelines for all kinesiologists.

Maintaining industry standards

All AKA members abide by the AKA Constitution and By-Laws, Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics

Essential practitioner requirements, such as Continuing Professional Education (CPE), current First Aid Certificate and current Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance were introduced in the late 1980’s. These requirements ensure practitioners continue to maintain their training and competency levels, staying up to date with emerging research and trends in our industry. The AKA essential practitioner requirements are and will continue to be maintained as a measure to safeguard the public, the practitioner and the kinesiology profession.

Through a philosophy of ongoing development and the promotion of our members, we enhance the knowledge and acceptance of kinesiology in the public arena.

AKA Mission Statement

The many branches of the AKA

The AKA is run by an office administration team and a number of volunteer-based committees. Without the time, passion and energy of these wonderful volunteers, the AKA would simply not exist.

If you see yourself with an interest in one of these areas or skills to offer, we invite you to get in contact and participate.

Management Committee

The AKA structure includes an elected Management Committee responsible for the overall management of the association. The Management Committee positions consist of: President, Secretary, Treasurer, Ordinary Board Members.

Office Administration

The AKA employs a dedicated office that handles all matters of administration. The office manager and staff deal with with correspondence, phone calls, finance and memberships as well as finding the best deals for AKA members.

The association has a number of subcommittees working on specific tasks, including:

Course Accreditation Board (CAB)Accredits kinesiology courses to ensure that they meet the standards required for practitioner registration.
Practitioner Registration Board (PRB)Accredits professional practitioners according to the AKA’s highest quality practitioner standards. 
Conference CommitteeOrganises and co-ordinates the annual National Conference for the Australian Kinesiology Association Inc.
Industry Reference Committee (IRC)Industry professionals who liaise with government and other bodies regarding qualifications for nationally accredited training packages delivered by Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s).
Awards CommitteeInvestigates the merits of nominations being put forward for acknowledgment and recognition.
Evidence Based Research Group (EBR)Develop and implement research guidelines for the industry, thereby building a solid foundation of evidence that is readily available for public and government perusal.
CustodiansProvides guidance and wisdom in the governing of the AKA and ensures that the Australian kinesiology Association Inc. mission, vision, values and ethics are upheld.
Social Media CommitteeDirects policies on social media to ensure a consistent brand and fair publication of information across any social media channel for the AKA.
In Touch Production TeamWe employ an editor and designer to bring members a seasonal issue of In Touch with kinesiology-specific articles and topics of conversation.