Accredited CPD Courses

CPD courses can only be used for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) (i.e. cannot be used for practitioner registration). Category CPD – Additional skills training

Animal Kingdom Kinesiology- Denise RobinsonCPD4
Aura Balancing Kinesiology Masterclass- Denise RobinsonCPD8
Awakening-Your-Metaphysical-Birth-Story- Denise RobinsonCPD2
Chakra Healing Kinesiology Masterclass- Denise RobinsonCPD8
Complete Immune System-Dr. Charles Krebs (Rep Jacque Mooney)CPD16
Concise Communication for Kinesiologists- Kylie BryanCPD7
Connecting and Unlocking Client Potential- Denise RobinsonCPD2
Eight Extraordinary Meridians Masterclass- Denise RobinsonCPD2
Human Blueprint- Dr. Charles Krebs (Rep Jacque Mooney)CPD16
Identifying Constitutional Elements- Denise RobinsonCPD2
Integrated Healing Master Class 1– Matilda Van Dyke/Nick Oliver (Rep Nicola Barrett)CPD8
Integrated Healing Master Class 2– Matilda Van Dyke/Nick Oliver (Rep Nicola Barrett)CPD8
Integrated Healing Master Class 3– Matilda Van Dyke/Nick Oliver (Rep Nicola Barrett)CPD8
Integrated Healing Master Class 4– Matilda Van Dyke/Nick Oliver (Rep Nicola Barrett)CPD8
Mastery of the Five Elements Kinesiology Masterclass- Denise RobinsonCPD8
Meditation for Kinesiology- Debbie RossiCPD16
Meridian Rivers of Chi Kinesiology Masterclass- Denise RobinsonCPD16
Nature’s Healing Chi- Denise RobinsonCPD5
Online Kinesiology Clinic Success- Bianca JewellCPD2
Pre-Leap- Dr. Charles Krebs (Rep Jacque Mooney)CPD2
Profound Metaphysical Healing Remedies- Denise RobinsonCPD2
RMTi Making Connections- Moira DempseyCPD14
Sabotage Programs, Self Esteem, Love, Oxygen, Money- Denise RobinsonCPD2
The 6 Processes© Balance – Amanda LynneCPD18
The Gait, Auditory, Fascial Connection- Bernard CarsonCPD16
Transpersonal Chakra Kinesiology Masterclass- Denise RobinsonCPD8
Worldwide Kinesiology- Kylie BryanCPD9