Are you a sole trader?

Are you in the Allied Health Industry?

Are you practising / looking to practice Kinesiology?

Do you want to improve how you do business in the digital world?

DATE: 20th October 2023

TIME: 10AM to 5.45PM AEDT


COST: $25.00

Whether we liked it or not the recent global pandemic propelled us into the digital world.   We moved our businesses from face-to-face kinesiology consultations to online (Telehealth/Zoom).  Coming out the other side and stepping into a “new” normal has been met with a mixed bag of emotions, relief, excitement, and trepidation to name a few. 

We acknowledge that times are tough, the cost of living has skyrocketed, and consumers are more frugal and savvier with their expenditure.  For a minimal fee of $25.00, the AKA Inc. Small Business Micro Summit offers you the opportunity to hear advice and learn the tips of the trade from small business experts in the Allied Health Industry. See below a snippet of what is on offer… 

Jane Tweedy

Digital process improvements for kinesiologists and allied health practitioners

Are you ready to improve efficiencies in your kinesiology or allied health business? Overwhelmed by all the aspects of running a business, to the point where it feels like it is running you? Time to step up your digital game and get more automated? This session is for you! In this session we look at the advantages of automating before scaling up your business or outsourcing tasks. After all, why pay someone else to be ineffective? We touch on many aspects of client and staff engagement from intake forms, capturing client sessions, handling payments, productivity improvements, to bookings and more.  Take home for attendees: Slide pack and checklists to assist with implementation.

 Low-cost digital marketing ideas – there are HUNDREDS!

Do you feel you’ve tried it all when it comes to marketing? Have you run out of marketing ideas? Learn MANY more ways of marketing your business; Feel inspired there are more ways to market your business to build its success; Gain the confidence to know that you can do you and not be everywhere! Know what to look for in new and evolving social media platforms and whether you need to be there; Over 200 ideas for marketing your business, platforms and tools to use!  Take home for attendees: Slide pack and spreadsheet with over 200 ideas.

Leanne Shelton

My Small Business and ChatGPT

 What does a good ChatGPT writing prompt include? * The importance of tone of voice and audience * Opportunities and limitations of the tool * How to create blog articles and repurpose into emails, social media posts, scripts, and more… In this webinar you will learn:

(i) the basics of how ChatGPT works,

(ii) Strategies for using ChatGPT to generate new ideas,

(iii) Writing prompts for ChatGPT to churn out copy to match your voice and style (and how to edit it!),

(iv) Which aspects to watch out for – and times where human intervention is needed, and

(v) How to use ChatGPT to build a strong content marketing strategy – and use it for other aspects of your business. 

This fun and interactive session allows time for participants to play around with the AI tool and ask questions.

Stacey Bout

Mental health best practices to implement in small businesses, tailored to kinesiologists, sole traders

This presentation for practitioners will provide clarity around what is mental health, and how to ensure, as a sole trader and kinesiologist, you are prioritising mental health in your business.

Julia Poppleton

PERMAH wellbeing factors and how to re-check on a more regular basis to avoid passion burnout

This presentation aims to equip kinesiology business owners with practical tools and strategies to enhance well-being, foster a positive work environment, and improve overall business productivity and success.

Scott Shelly

Principal of health law firm Barry Nilsson and Zann Le Roux, Senior Account Executive of BMS (AKA’s insurance partner) Cyber security: reducing risk and cyber insurance

In this presentation you will learn about the common areas of cyber risk in the healthcare setting, tips to mitigate risk, how cyber liability insurance works, and what is offered under the Cyber Insurance policy by BMS.

Disclaimer: $25.00 Ticket is for admission to the live event and access/copies of digital materials provided by the speakers on the day of the event. Live webinars with Q & A, breakout rooms to network with fellow sole traders/kinesiologists/allied health practitioners.  Duration: 10am -5.45pm AEDT.  Schedule and speakers subject to change. Refund policy applies. Please note the purchase price does not include a recording of the event.   Individual recordings of each of the webinars may be available for purchase at a later date.