CAB Course Application – Thank you

Thank you for your course application. The AKA CAB will consider your application and contact you for any clarifications required.

Note that the approval process can take some time. The CAB meet once per month between February and November. After successful CAB approval, the course will be forwarded to the Management Committee for ratification after which you will be notified of the outcome.

Course Updates and Changes

It is the responsibility of the course author to keep the AKACAB informed of any changes to the original course application. Such as:

  • Additions to course materials
  • Alterations of the course that substantially change the nature of the material taught. These changes need to be assessed and approved by the AKACAB for the course to remain accredited.
  • The way in which it is taught
  • Change in hours taken to teach the course
  • Updated lists of Instructors and Examiners. This information is passed onto the PRB as only students taught by registered instructors will have their hours recognised.

Resubmission Requirements

Courses need to be resubmitted for reevaluation on a five-year cyclical basis. If there are no changes or up to 10% change a Statutory Declaration can be submitted. If there is more than a 10% change, a new application is required using the current application criteria requirements at that time.


If you have any questions about your application, please contact the AKA CAB.