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The Beauty of the Subconscious Revealed

If you’ve experienced kinesiology before, you may agree that there’s a magical quality to this modality. I say “experienced kinesiology” because in a way, it is highly experiential. You try to explain to someone how it works, but it’s not easy. Despite this, people trust it because they FEEL different and get results. For newcomers […]

Goodbye and Thank you, Trish Purtell!

Trish Purtell has recently retired after a wonderful career in kinesiology. As a valued AKA member, we wanted to honour Trish’s career and send a big thank you for her countless hours of helping others in the community. We asked Trish to tell us a little about herself and her career and she said the […]

kinesiology classroom

Reflections on 25 Years of Teaching Kinesiology

Looking at the students who have been through my college and seeing the excellent practitioners they have become is deeply satisfying. Reflecting on how they have grown both as individuals and as practitioners, how they have developed their own special niches and how they attract clients accordingly. Thinking about the lives they have changed and […]

Kinesiology in a Nutshell

The winning video of kinesiology Week 2018 competition. A video to promote kinesiology and what it can do for you.