Counselling Kinesiology

Counselling KinesiologyTM (CKTM) is a comprehensive system of holistic counselling utilising muscle testing to determine the underlying emotional issues that cause emotional stress. This also includes the emotions contributing to many physical health problems.

Developed by Gordon and Debra Dickson, it has been taught to kinesiology students and practitioners throughout Australia since 1990. The foundation training (CKTM 1 “Resolving Emotional Stress”), blends innovative and well-established counselling techniques with coaching and complementary approaches. This is combined with highly effective de-stressing techniques and powerful behaviour change exercises. It helps people resolve past issues, gain insight into their present difficulties, and implement effective action plans to make changes in their lives.

The CKTM 2 “Relationships Training” focuses on relationship issues working with both couples and
individuals. A combination of in-depth talk therapy and muscle testing is used to identify the sources of relationship breakdown and ongoing difficulties in relationships. Inner child work and emotional de-stressing is then utilised to resolve these limiting relationship patterns learned in childhood, and entrenched in subsequent relationship experiences. This is combined with exercises to improve communication skills, resolve arguments and enhance emotional connection in relationships.

CKTM has developed two emotional states charts. The CKTM “Developmental DirectoryTM” is used to identify unmet emotional needs and emotional strengths a person is struggling to master (frequently as a result of problems at a particular stage of childhood development). The companion CKTM “Grief GaugeTM” is used to identify the unhelpful emotions the person gets caught up in, such as blaming self (guilt) or blaming others.

A wide range of additional integrative exercises have been developed for assertiveness problems, anxieties and phobias, parenting difficulties, career issues and workplace stress for adults, and for bullying, fears and other behavioural and emotional issues for children and adolescents.

Australian Kinesiology Association

The Australian Kinesiology Association is a not-for-profit, leading industry body. Supporting kinesiologists and maintaining the highest standards for the profession, the association connects and supports Australian kinesiologists while advocating for the profession.

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