Mandy Wheen


Mandy Wheen

Level 6 Practitioner

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Holistic Kinesiology, Integrated Healing, Mind Body Medicine (MBM)



I find it very honouring to be a trusted part of my clients transformational process.  I bring my British sense of humour along with the potent blend of Holistic Kinesiology and my background in Occupational Therapy.  All towards enabling you and your loved ones to gain that magical quality of life and a sense of fulfilment.

My passion is creating true champions to feel at home within themselves, producing inner confidence and personal strength… “empowering stars to shine”!

I have had the pleasure of growing and learning from my experience of over 20 years assisting many clients in hospitals, community and clinical settings in England, New Zealand and Australia.

Online sessions are available to those who wish to learn how to help and support themselves and their loved ones at home, to feel calm, centred and optimised as the powerful individuals you are.

Insightful Fun Themed Relaxation Adventures are now available to listen to in the comfort of your own home or down the park.  Pop onto my website to grab yourself a freeby, or for those who love the Jedi, Mr Darcy, or being magical, get your own downloadable adventures, to gain a sense of calm, an understanding of your needs, and ways to restore yourself.

Together we can explore what signs and symptoms may be showing on your body, towards identifying and balancing mineral deficiencies with Dr Schuessler tissue salts.

Come along and learn a treasure chest of ways to thrive not just survive, in your very own “I see” treatment session or escape into an evening of story telling within my enjoyable blog…

Don’t delay the inevitable, contact me now to embody your greatness and shine like the star you are! 🙂

I have spent hours and hours concocting free useful tips and tricks to feel centred, balanced and comfortable within your own skin.  You may also like to get out your cauldron (that is your cooking gear!) to brew up some quick home crafted healthy scrumptious treats, reducing the “Hangry” factor!  All found on my ol’ trusty website…

I look forward to getting to know you and how I can help you to get to know yourself 😉

Traditional Chinese Medicine psychology & acupressure, meridians, chakras, NST Bowen, Dr Schuessler tissue Salts, Flower Essences and so many more of these fabulous assistants!…

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