Origins in Kinesiology

2023 Kinesiology Week Competition Entries

Belinda Aditya Origin Story

Belinda is a Level 5 Kinesiology Practitioner with the AKA. Belinda specialises in Hormonal and Neurological Emotional balancing and is an Australian Bush flower Practitioner. Belinda is passionate about helping other beautiful souls align their energy with their true being. It is warming for Belinda have found her inner spark and ignite her passion and she allows this to shine through in her work.

Kinesiology for Life

How I Became a Kinesiologist 🙌💕

It all started back in year 2000 when I was living in Byron Bay and studying Ayurvedic medicine.

I had always believed that there is a deeper understanding of how the body works and that connecting the mind, body and soul is vital to living a healthy and fulfilled life.

I had felt a deep pull in my heart I knew then that it was my calling towards helping people through a natural and energetic approach.

I went off travelling for 10 years and then settled in Perth, WA. I then knew it was time to start the journey to follow my passion & calling.

At first, I was thinking I would study to be an Acupuncturist but had so many signs that guided me to Kinesiology and now understand why.

Let me share some more about how I ended up a Kinesiologist.

✨I had my feelers out and I was looking for my opportunity when an Osteopath practitioner said to me during my session, “I think you would be a good Kinesiologist”, there is a college just around the corner.

✨A few weeks later I was having an Acupuncture session and having the discussion of studying Traditional Chinese medicine and the practitioner also said to me ‘Have you thought about studying Kinesiology?”

✨I then went to local health food shop and took home with me the health magazine and I then saw an ad to study Kinesiology.

✨Then an event on Facebook popped up for an opening night at the Kinesiology college and it was the week on I was on the early shifts in my current job and I knew I could attend.

I went along and signed up for the Introduction weekend and after the weekend I signed up to do the Advanced Diploma in Kinesiology.

It took 3 ½ years of study and my life changed dramatically after learning and receiving regular Kinesiology.

I never have experienced a modality that can really change a person’s life like Kinesiology has. I had done a lot of healing and growth work.

Kinesiology really helped me shift a lot of my childhood trauma and I saw how fast my life was changing for the better.

Things that I had to work so hard at or that I thought weren’t even possible became a possible and a reality.

I know that though receiving regular Kinesiology that anything in life is possible.

I knew I had found my calling, and this was the right path for me.

It now warms my heart sharing this passion and helping others have the best live they can through Kinesiology.

Love & Gratitude Belinda x

Zoe Jack Origin Story

Zoe is a Level 5 Kinesiology Practitioner with the AKA. As a Holistic Kinesiologist and the founder of Zode Kinesiology. Zoe is deeply passionate about making it easier for adults and children to connect to the deeper potential within their body, mind and spirit. People normally reach out to Zoe because they’re experiencing physical, mental or emotional stress, overcoming trauma or injury or going through major life stages such as moving home, jobs or navigating their child’s development.
Zoe’s approach to kinesiology is one of holding space, care and listening. She reads between the lines and finds the cause of what is happening in a gentle and inclusive way. Zoe is currently studying Guided Energy Medicine through the Shamanic Academy in USA.

Zode Kinesiology

My Origin Story into Kinesiology

I have not been a kinesiologist all my life. But I have dabbled with and felt energy. I have sensed the unseen and embodied other people’s pain and hurt for as long as I can remember.

At 3 years old I sat in the bedroom of our new home in England and screamed at the corner of the ceiling. “Nothing is there, its ok darling, you are safe here”….mum said.

Between 4-6 years old I would shrink myself and fly around my bedroom at night – often being able to tell my parent’s things that happened in the field behind our home in the middle of the night when I was supposedly asleep. “Don’t be stupid, you can’t fly or shrink”….my family and friends would say.

I was not believed. With my parents and friends discouragement, I managed to close that side of me down until my 20’s. It was here that I began to dabble again. Crystals, tarot, channelling, transmogrification and learning reiki. I loved it and felt so much at home with this stuff. But this could not be a career!

So, I pulled myself away again. Until my late 40’s.

I was in a job that proved very stressful. Eventually having to take the option of the Employee Assistance Program. But I managed to persuade my then boss to let me see a hypnotherapist.  I had done a lot of work on myself over the years. I knew my patterns and I didn’t need to rehash this with a counsellor – I needed some action and direction!

My boss agreed!!  3 sessions only with a hypnotherapist.

This lady turned out to be a kinesiologist. I had the 3 EAP sessions. They were helpful. But on the last session, she said I should return. On my own time, at my own cost, to receive kinesiology to help me move forward.

Well, that was an understatement!!

Th experience on the table was profound. I laughed, cried, shook, shivered, and felt warmth. I eventually left and in a sense of disconnection I decided to go to the beach to ground and integrate what had just happened. Walking along the beach I found shells and at the rocks I sat reflecting on what had just happened.

  • The shells – yes there were 7 and they were the colours of the chakras!
  • I found a tree of seaweed on a pristine part of the beach – I likened it to the Tree of Life
  • The waves splashed over me, and a lightbulb turned on.

I had arrived at my calling after that one kinesiology session. I decided to quit my job, study, and become a kinesiologist. I could hardly pronounce it, let alone know what Kinesiology was!

It took 6 months for me to find a place to study, quit my job and set myself up for a dual diploma in Kinesiology and Mind/Body Medicine at the College of Complementary Medicine in Surry Hills, NSW.

I graduated in 2017, set up my clinic in Maroubra and I have been working ever since. Growing and expanding each year.

The thing about this story is three-fold:

  1. It is true and inspires me every day to keep improving and working. To not focus on what I can’t do but to step into the impossible and give it my best shot – why? Because one day you will get your wings back and you will fly….you just gotta trust yourself and the Universe.
  2. Kinesiology is a dynamic and ever evolving process that can be adapted in so many ways to support the people who receive it. There is an ever-growing number of kinesiologists around the globe, each offering something that is unique to their client. The ability to listen and hold space, to care and offer support, to facilitate shifts and healing – well that is common with all kinesiologists. But the beauty is we all do it on our own special way but always with the client’s highest and best interest being held in positive regard.
  3. Sometimes we just need an opportunity to experience something to understand what is needed for our highest and best intention. Then we must get out of our way and allow it to unfold.

If you have never experienced kinesiology, why not give it a try. You may experience many things but at the very least you will know you have been cared for and nurtured in a safe way that enables you to know perhaps, just a little bit more about yourself.

And one day you may feel your wings return like I did in 2022. Your children may one day speak about seeing or feeling things that you can’t see…and you might just remember the things you read about or experienced during National Kinesiology Week…and you may just say “yes darling, you do feel or see that, tell me about it please”.

Happy 2023 National Kinesiology Week!

Mimi Anastas Origin Story

Mimi is a Level 5 Kinesiology Practitioner with the AKA. Mimi is an innovative Practitioner & Trainer looking for the energetics of a person to adapt their needs to the balancing process. Working with Frequencies of Life and Vibrational Medicine from the physical to the spiritual plane. Mimi works with your unique energy signature balancing what you need at the time, to encompass homeostasis. Adaptive, responsive, nurturing and flexible in her delivery in helping achieve your goals. Innovative, Nurturing, Holistic Counselling & Mentoring.

Mimi Love Enterprises

My Origin Story

Hi I’m known as Mimi Love and my origin story begins with my name as it is my branding name and then became first finding my business name. Love is because I express love with everything with love, to all there is, and, I do it, with passion and it’s the most powerful energy, which obliterates everything else. Funnily enough my great-grandmother was an Agapidakis and Agapi means love.

I’ve been called Mimi all my life and my big sister named me when she watched Mickey Mouse on television that was sold to householders in 1957 the year I was born. Mickey Mouse was being thrown up on the trampoline and they were saying yeah Mickey and my sister turned around and pointed to me and said “yeah Mimi” “yeah Mimi” “yeah Mimi”.

In 2000 after my divorce, I was free to be who I wanted to be and to live my life to help me with, my holistic health, so that I could help others. I needed to acquire knowledge for my health as I was allergic, a hypersensitive to the modern world is was I was told in 1997 and to go into a clean room (bubble) due to to olfactory (smell), dermal (skin) and ingestion of chemical and food sensitivities. I refused plasma treatment and the bubble and decided I would find my own way out. Energetically and spiritually, I see it as a gift, a blessing and embrace it to use wisely and be kind to myself and love myself. My body is attacking itself on an autoimmune level.

I resonate with the name Mimi not Michelle and started my business for holistic health with Reiki as my qualification in 2002 and added Love into my business name as it is the most powerful energy of all. Love makes you feel joy and bliss, but can also cause heartache and pain when things change. Love is what feeds our soul and spikes our serotonin levels, and gives us our feel-good mood.

I never allowed myself to become a victim, or place a label for disability onto myself, I wanted to achieve and live the life I was born to live. I always wanted to become a mature aged student as a doctor or scientist, but never being able to take pharmaceutical drugs, due to my hypersensitivity to chemicals, in the end a new age doctor of sorts in holistic medicine is what I achieved.

I was looking for the right fit in the holistic health model that I could relate to, and use. I had avoided all the big commercial Mind, Body, Spirit Festivals at Darling Harbour, but heavily felt in 2004, that I should go. I was pulled into this knowing there was something I needed to connect to. I had been researching Kinesiology and Aromatherapy training providers. I loved essential oils, but that qualification came after.

At the festival, I connected to everything I needed to know about my destiny for holistic health. I came across some amazing people, whom I admired for their courage, working in this health and well-being industry. The one connection I really needed was there, I signed up and went along to a free Kinesiology day at a college. All my spidery senses were switched on, my psychic ability was channelling information and I was verbally spewing it out and conversing with the trainer in class, and my channelling continued for the next two years, during classes. I had read articles on Chinese elements, but it never made any sense, but in that instance, I understood and was firm in my belief.

I knew that it was the right place for me to be and study, no matter what. I did all my due diligence, checked and verified certifications, associations and standards required to work in the industry, and went ahead and acquired my Diploma in Holistic Kinesiology.

Kinesiology is an amazing tool box, with my kinaesthetic healing touch and empathic skills, works so well together. The whole two years I channelled information and created ideas, that I still work with today. My journey through college seemed like I had the odds stacked against me, migraines and vomiting nearly every day I had class, but I steam roller through it and never gave up. I even worked out how to get qualified and a year later in 2006, I was a registered Kinesiologist, even though it was a two-year Diploma course.

In December 2005 I acquired a 23-piece tuning fork set and how the vibration of the forks allowed me to understand music as an instrument of healing and incorporate that into my toolbox. In 2007 added Aromatherapy into my regime. I spent 2005-2008 writing about many different modalities and still have to publish.

To honour my connection, I went back with a stand at MBS in November 2006 with my two healing decks of cards and tuning forks.

2008-2010 I was a trainer and assessor teaching some courses aligned with Kinesiology, TCM Philosophy, Naturopathic Philosophy, Flower Essences and Energetic Sciences.

In 2008 one of my close friends who had sessions with me, nicknamed me ‘Witchdoctor’. My first impression was I don’t want to be known as a witch or anything on the dark side. As I sat with it and we spoke and laughed from his view point, it seemed kind of right to call me that. Witch doctor is a term of endearment and a loving nickname now that my family and friends say now when they feel like they need hope to overturn an acute condition that has popped up. When I get a call, I know they need a quick fix when they say “Hey I need the witchdoctor’s help?”

I can honestly say Kinesiology is my passion and has changed my life, without it I would still be struggling to find my health and wellness. TCM Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy is the part that resonates for me, the kinaesthetic ability to feel and understand the patterns, to help others whom have lost hope. I needed to learn Kinesiology so I could understand Anatomy & Physiology, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Herbs, Flower essences, colour, crystal and sound therapy.

I’m so grateful I had the wisdom to follow my passion and to keep acquiring knowledge to learn. I keep learning, and love who I am and what I have become. When you study, it can, give you an insight into your desires and what you need to do for yourself. The journey is to understand you, and pushes you along to the right path, to learn and acquire the knowledge you need.

When I moved to my property ‘Blue Earth’ I couldn’t even sleep on a regular mattress, due to every part of my body being in constant pain while I lay down to rest or sleep. I ended up for the first 3-4 years sleeping on an air mattress as I could regulate the air pressure to alleviate the pain. I ended up then buying the least allergic type of bedding for me, and placing it on slats, with a majority of no pain most of the time. Thinking back, my achievement into managing my health has been miraculous to makes me feel like a superwoman. Never did I ever think I would be able to manage my acreage, and keep up with the physical labour of grass cutting with a push mower, even though I’m allergic to grass.

Since Kinesiology I have followed my intuition and found, that living in my clean air acreage allows me to create, all the time. I love creating and l have been able to make tea tonics and tinctures that have made all the difference to my health and lifestyle. Every step I take allows me to create and develop what I need and to help me understand how to help others more. I started out more esoteric and heavily help others with suggestions of how to turn around their blood results, by adapting their nutrition and intake to re-balance the inconsistencies of their internal system, as they don’t wish to take drugs and treat the cause, rather than mask the affect. Anything is possible, if you open your mind to it.

I don’t give up due to my arrow of determination in numerology, that some would call stubbornness. I follow my instincts to follow my path on this ever-evolving journey of my life, expanding and moving forward towards health and well-being for myself and others. TCM is my jam, and ties it all together, i.e., Aromatherapy, TCM Remedial Massage and my Tea Sommelier quals, etc.

TCM maybe more difficult for others, but using Kinesiology is woven from ancient knowledge used over the centuries for addressing health and well-being of the mind, body and soul. I inspire others on their life journey to health and happiness. I love who I am and love researching and creating, and, I love what I do, and will continue to do so, and have no plans for retiring ever. Love is the Key.

Rachel Mason Origin Story

Rachel is a Level 5 Kinesiology Practitioner with the AKA. Rachel has a particular interest in neurology, stress, survival emotions, anxiety/trauma, & holistic body/brain function. Our body systems have a marvelous ability to compensate for any stress imbalance… but stress can impact all areas of life from the most minor symptom to a major incident. Rachel is committed to helping facilitate people in their own healing. We all have the ability to heal ourselves, but sometimes we don’t know the way to achieve it. That’s where outside support, & a little guidance can help you to help yourself. Mind, body, and energy balancing. Survival stress, emotional upset, brain integration

Rachel Mason Kinesiology

My Origin Story with Kinesiology
1. I saw a friend acting intriguingly

While volunteering together in early 2004, I noticed a friend supporting others with a series of strange gestures and movements.  I was naturally curious and asked about it.

With a thoughtful smile, the life-changing words she uttered were “I have something you might be interested in…”

2. Learn Touch For Health 1 & 2

I trusted my friends’ suggestion and experienced my first taste of kinesiology with her, learning Touch For Health 1.

I learnt gentle muscle monitoring to assess energy and body function, then techniques to improve health and wellbeing.  What a revelation!

I needed to know more! I signed up for the Touch For Health 2 course.

Across this time, I badly sprained my ankle and was amazed at how my own healing was supported using the techniques I was learning.

Now I was hooked.  What magic was this?

3. Two-year Holistic Kinesiology Diploma

While learning Touch For Health 2, I asked my friend many questions about kinesiology, her training, areas of interest, and avenues for further study. 

I then reached out to a local College and chatted with a kinesiologist and educator there.

All I heard had me riveted, and combined with an undeniable feeling of ‘this is what I am meant to do now’.

My timing was perfect.  The College were just about to start their next Diploma intake.

4. Experience My First Kinesiology Balance!

And so I began my studies. 

But imagine how I felt, reaching the end of the first week of the Diploma course with this mind-blowing realisation:  

Everything I thought Kinesiology was had just been covered IN WEEK 1!  What was I going to learn over the next two years?  

That was when I booked to receive my first balance, to see where Kinesiology could take me. 

It has been an amazing journey ever since.  

Megan McIntyre Origin Story

Megan is a Level 5 Kinesiology Practitioner and has been working with NeuroEnergetic Kinesiology since 2016. Megan likes to work with all ages and had had great success with childhood/teen anxiety, eczema/skin conditions and physical pain. Megan is a qualified trainer and assessor and accredited with the AKA and works with NK Institute as a mentor and training administrator. Megan served on the AKA Management Committee for 3.5 years. Megan volunteers on the Committee for CleftPALS Victoria, a not for profit organization supporting families with a Cleft lip &/or Palate.

Restored Balance Kinesiology

Gail Medland Origin Story

Gail is a Level 4 Kinesiology Practitioner with the AKA and has been practicing kinesiology since 2010. In order to further her knowledge and support her kinesiology clients, Gail studied a Bachelor of Psychological Science and Counselling from 2018 to 2022. Gail has also served as a member of the AKA Management Committee 2014 to 2018 and 2021 to current.

Gail Medland Kinesiology