Intro to Brain Rewiring for Trauma Webinar – 1 CPD

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Intro to Brain Rewiring for Trauma

Presented by Amanda Lynne.

Amanda is the creator and founder of the Eye-motional Processes(EMP)™ App – the only Kinesiology App in the world. This webinar addresses how Eye-motional Processes™ can support clients with trauma to release culminated stress embedded in the nervous system, and shift conscious, subconscious, and unconscious perceptions of their past and integrate improved ways of being. This webinar also teaches using Processes in one-on-one or group-based sessions and creating Homeplay for clients. Optimal Kinesiology practice methods are also covered to support you, the practitioner, which is essential when working with vulnerable and traumatized clients.

Please note this webinar will only be available for purchase until 24th August 2023. Eligible for 1 CPD point.

This webinar is copyright, all rights reserved, and remain full property of Amanda Lynne. The webinar may not be copied or reproduced without the written permission from Amanda Lynne.


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