Intro to Homeopathy and Kinesiology Test Kits Webinar – 1 CPE

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Intro to Homeopathy and Kinesiology Test Kits

Presented by Evelin Liddell.

Evelin is an experienced homeopath and trained kinesiologist and has been developing Kinesiology Test Kits for over 15 years. The webinar covers kinesiology test kits and why they can help in your practice, what to look for when buying a kinesiology test kit and much more.

Please note this webinar will only be available to purchase until 30th June 2022. Eligible for 1 CPE point.

The webinar attached is copyright, all rights reserved, and remain full property of Evelin Liddell. The webinar may not be copied or reproduced without the written permission from Evelin Liddell.


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