Suicide Prevention for Kinesiologists Webinar – 1.5 CPE

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The world we work and live in is a complex, diverse and ever- changing space. People are experiencing stressors and challenges, often compounded by significant isolation, relationship breakdown, financial and job insecurity, at such a rate that they are unaware of their inability to cope until they find themselves in a space of hopelessness. In this presentation we will discuss how suicide intervention has changed in the last couple of years, how motivational interviewing can be beneficial when working with suicidal clients, and how safety planning has become client driven. We will also speak to the loss of hope and how we as practitioners can have CALM Conversations about suicide, identify the signs that somebody may be considering suicide, how to ask about suicide and how to refer somebody for assistance and support.

This webinar is available for purchase until 30 September and accessible until 26th October, 2021.


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