AKA Standards and Policies

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Professional Codes

Our members are committed to upholding AKA endorsed professional codes. Our codes are designed to protect both our members and the public in a range of situations and circumstances.

Code of Ethics

Last updated September 2018

PDF, 202 kb

Code of Conduct

Last updated September 2020

PDF, 418 kb

AKA Practitioner Standards

Practitioners must satisfy requirements in order to achieve registration. These requirements are outlined here.

Level 4 – Kinesiology Intermediate Practitioner

Last updated January 2021

PDF, 151 kb

Level 5 – Kinesiology Professional Practitioner

Last updated November 2019

PDF, 153 kb

Level 6 – Kinesiology Specialist Practitioner

Last updated November 2019

PDF, 210 kb

Level 5 & Level 6 AKA Nutrition Guidelines

Last updated October 2019

PDF, 180 kb

Webinar Policy and Application

To apply to hold a webinar for AKA members, please read the Webinar Policy and fill out the application form for the Management Committee to review.

Webinar Policy

Last updated November 2021

PDF, 403 kb

AKA Approved Webinar Submission Form

Last updated July 2019

Online form

Website Article Policy and Procedure

The AKA now accepts general interest articles for publishing on this website in order to promote kinesiology to the public.

Website Article Policy and Procedure

Last updated October 2021

PDF, 151 kb

Website Article Submission Terms, Conditions and Guidelines

Last updated October 2021



Find out about the AKA Privacy Policy and Australian Privacy Principles.

AKA Inc. Privacy Policy

Last updated June 2020


Australian Privacy Principles (APP) Guidelines

Last updated July 2019


How Australian Privacy Principles (APP) Guidelines relate to the AKA and Members

Last updated x x

PDF, 208 kb

Australian Privacy Principles (APP) specific to the Health Industry

Last updated x x

PDF, 191 kb

Governing Rules

Our association adheres to a number of rules to govern the various committees and membership.

AKA Inc. Constitution

Last updated September 2018

PDF, 210 kb

AKA Inc. By Laws

Last updated October 2021

PDF, 549 kb

Protocol for Online Meetings

Last updated August 2017

PDF, 581 kb

Bullying Policy and Procedures Document

Last updated November 2021

PDF, 346 kb

Knowlative – Extensive online database of muscle response testing and kinesiology

KinesioGeek – Free kinesiology magazine

Touch for Health Kinesiology Association USA

Touch for Health International Kinesiology College

Kinesiology Association of New Zealand (KANZ)

Association of Specialised Kinesiologist South Africa (ASKSA)