Training Frequently Asked Questions

Study kinesiology

Where can I study to become a kinesiologist?

Click here to find an AKA accredited kinesiology course. If you would like to find out more about AKA accredited registered training organisations offering the Diploma of Kinesiology, click here.

What qualification do I need to become a kinesiologist?

Unfortunately the kinesiology industry is self-regulated. There are many practitioners who claim to be kinesiologists, however only AKA Registered Practitioners are highly qualified to government standards. We strongly recommend you do not practice until you meet AKA Level 4, minimum standards. Current minimum standards to become an AKA Registered Level 4 Kinesiology Intermediate Practitioner are outlined here.

How long does it take to become a kinesiologist?

It usually takes 12 months to qualify for AKA Registered Level 4 Kinesiology Intermediate Practitioner membership.

Working in kinesiology

Where do kinesiologists typically work?

Generally, kinesiologists work out of small clinics as sole traders or within multi-modality clinic settings. However some kinesiologists work in areas such as hospitals and aged care.