CAB RTO Qualification Application

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Before you begin, you will need the following information and completed documentation to apply for course accreditation:

  • Training hours broken down by component:
    • face to face teaching
    • online tutorials
    • supervised student clinic
    • practical assessment
    • workbook assessment
    • oral assessment
    • mentored clinic
  • Relevant qualifications of course author/s (kinesiology and other qualifications) OR a letter of permission from the course author/s authorising the person submitting the course to be their course representative
  • Training and Assessment Strategy (TAS)
  • Completed RTO Mapping Form
  • Assessment workbooks and tasks
  • List of Instructors and Examiners/Assessors (Trainer Matrix)
  • Example of Student competency or validation process
  • Sample of Qualification Certificate and State of Attainment
  • Current Prospectus

The following information may assist you with your application: