CAB Category A & B Course Accreditation Application

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Before you begin, you will need to read the Course Application Criteria.

As you read through the criteria, ensure you gather the following information and documentation in pdf form for your application:

  • Training hours broken down by component:
    • face to face
    • online
    • assessments
  • Your course manual
  • Any additional material, resources and/or handouts used in class
  • Relevant qualifications of course author/s (kinesiology and other qualifications) OR a letter of permission from the course author/s authorising the person submitting the course to be their course representative
  • Completed Session Plan (click here for an example) where details of how the course will be delivered are captured. It covers:
    • Breakdown of course hours
    • Topics covered
    • How topics are delivered
    • Materials used
    • Learning outcomes and how they will be assessed
    • Note: The AKA requires that all learning outcomes be competency assessed. For each learning outcome the requirement is to have 2 methods of assessment.
  • Completed Assessment and Delivery Form (click here for an example) which summarises the learning outcomes and how they will be assessed.
  • Assessment Templates, forms for practical, oral, written, assigment and workbook assessments that detail:
    • each assessment that will be given to the student with all instructions of how the assessment is to be conducted and what is required to achieve proficiency
    • the assessments that will be given to the students and a copy with the answers to be supplied
  • Attendance Record, a record sheet to verify that the course has been presented to twenty (20) students of which 15 must be first time attendees to the course over a minimum of three (3) classes.
    • Note: If at the time of application it has not been taught to 20 students but all other criteria have been met the course will become pre-accredited until verification by means of class lists with contact numbers for students and dates of classes taught has been supplied.
  • Evaluation Forms
  • List of qualified Instructors and Examiners/Assessors
  • A copy of the attendance and Proficiency Certificates

The following information may assist you with your application: