Kinesiology Week

2023 Kinesiology Week Competition

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National Kinesiology Week

It’s time to start planning your kinesiology event for the 2023 National Kinesiology Week from March 13 until 19! Remember you can apply for a grant for your project or event and Kinesiology Week is a great time to plan your event to collectively bring attention to our powerful modality. You can also request your […]

Kinesiology Week 2020 Competition Winner!

Announcing the winner of the AKA Kinesiology Week 2020 Photo Competition Congratulations to Kristen Luby! Kristen has won a 40-minute professional photography shoot by Creative Front, valued at $895. A huge thanks to Creative Front for donating the prize for our competition! Creative Front are also offering our members an exclusive deal for a 40 […]

Kinesiology in a Nutshell

The winning video of kinesiology Week 2018 competition. A video to promote kinesiology and what it can do for you.