Reflections on 25 Years of Teaching Kinesiology

kinesiology classroom

Looking at the students who have been through my college and seeing the excellent practitioners they have become is deeply satisfying. Reflecting on how they have grown both as individuals and as practitioners, how they have developed their own special niches and how they attract clients accordingly. Thinking about the lives they have changed and the growth they continue to facilitate in their clients. The ripple effect they have through their communities. Even students who did not go on to become practitioners grew and developed as individuals throughout their studies, and continue to reap the benefits today.

Kinesiology courses aren’t just a time of learning for the students, I’ve learned and evolved so much as a teacher and as a person. Each student brings their own challenges to class, some more substantial than others, and learning to adapt and grow as a teacher so that I can properly support my students has been such a rewarding experience. Not to mention the countless techniques that have been practiced on me by budding and skilled kinesiology students and all the inherent benefits!

Teaching also ensures that you really know your stuff. Students ask the trickiest questions, think about things in entirely new ways, and bring their unique set of life experiences to their understanding of each technique. Exploring those novel questions, seeking the answers and seeing how they’re received has brought a new depth to my understanding and appreciation of many techniques. I’m grateful to the students who sought the nitty gritty detail about every aspect of their studies, however frustrating it was at times!

All in all, I have really enjoyed my time teaching adults who are interested in what they are learning for the purpose of both their individual growth and to serve others as practitioners. It has been an honour and a privilege to share in the students’ growth and be present at such an important and transformative time in their lives.

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